About Us

Owner of Danni's Delights Bakery 
How It All Started

Meet Meredith Pearson the Head Baker and Founder of Danni's Delights. Born and raised in Birmingham, AL, she always had a deep interest in baking. She would watch her mother and grandmother bake delicious desserts all the time and eventually she was asked to join them. From there, her love for baking homemade desserts grew. 

Later on in her life, Meredith began using baking as a form of therapy. Baking for her friends and family gave her a sense of joy. One day her daughters gave her the idea to start a bakery selling the desserts everyone loved (including her famous Peanut Lovers Cookies). In 2017, Danni's Delights was born! Now nationwide, people can enjoy Meredith's delicious desserts. The same desserts that have put a smile on people's face for years. 

Our Mission

 At Danni's Delights, we want to spread the love of God with every treat we deliver. We are also very passionate about helping the many men and women that suffer from domestic violence by donating to many local and national domestic violence organizations. That is why with every order, a portion of the proceeds will go to help domestic violence organizations bring awareness and resources to the public. 


"Sweet to the Soul, Healing to the Bone"
Proverbs 16:24